Salary Slip Format in Word – Free Download

Salary Slip format in word is an important document in the hands of employees. This is a confirmation of the amount he will receive from the company at the end of the month. Salary structure preparation is easy as the accounting department enters all details about employees, privileges, and benefits into a computer. So as an employer, you have to make a salary slip format in word to be provided to your employees.

Salary Slip Format in word

Salary slips are the only weapon in the hands of employees to cover their paychecks. The salary has an appropriate split of the payments he received. This helps employees prepare savings and investment lists. This allows him to set aside certain funds in case of an emergency. Employees can get an idea of ​​how money is being used for entertainment, recreation, or other personal obligations. He gets a clear idea of ​​how to spend money on a house, children, children’s education, home loan, and car loan. This helps him save each month as the family’s growing needs continue to grow in the face of a recession.

Benefits of getting a Salary Slip Format

If an employee is looking for a new job, they must present original documents containing information about their qualifications, current position and characteristics, last salary, and education received while working for the previous company. His intention is to get a good salary at the new company.

This way, you can request the best package at the interview location. Interviewers often ask about salary and how much the candidate will negotiate. However, they do not rely on word of mouth to gain confirmation of their current income structure at their previous or current job company.

You need solid and genuine evidence to vouch for. This guarantees that the potential customer actually received the specified amount at the current place of work or received it at the previous place of work. It also proves that he is a genuine and honest person who can be hired. Pay stubs serve as true proof of his annual earnings. The accounting department gets an accurate idea of ​​how much your salary is divided by other income items.

Each employee’s goal is to increase their current package, either in the same company or when changing jobs. The pay structure includes details such as the number of days worked, the amount received, and benefits (if any). Salary also serves as armor for his honesty and integrity on the job. In any case, he can count on a good increase to the current level indicated in the salary.

Contents in Salary Slip Format in word

Before creating a salary slip, you have to keep in mind that you have to provide the following information in a salary slip as an employer.

Credited Salary Month

Name of the Employee

Employee Id


Basic Salary

Payment Mode

Tr. Bank Account (If available)

Absent Days

After providing the above details then you have to write the Earned Salary as per the duty days and then overtime, allowance if applicable, and then any deductions, after the grand total salary credited amount in numbers and words.

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Salary Slip Format in Word – Free Download

If any employer has to provide the salary slip to their employees then he needs a well-created Salary slip format, so we will provide you with two salary slip formats for you to download from the below link.

First, you have to choose which format you need, I have put here two format 1st Salary slip format is a Simple format and the other Salary slip format is EPF Slip Format. You have to go down and click the below-given link to download the salary slip format.

1. Salary Slip Format with EPF – MS Word

salary slip format in word


2. Simple Salary Slip Format MS Word

salary slip format in word



So this is the two Salary Slip Format in Word File. You can download them and use as per your need. I hope you like this Article. If you have any query feel free to write us down in comment or Contact us



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