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Nowadays, everyone is looking for a perfect match for marriage whether it’s a girl or a boy, Even Parents are looking for the best match for a happy marriage for their son or daughter. So, they are finding more and more details about the groom and bride, Marriage biodata format helps a lot in providing details about the person, so no need to ask everything verbally.

But writing a good-looking marriage biodata and what details are needed is also a concern for everyone, here in this article I will tell you the details you need to write in a marriage proposal biodata, so it will be easy for you to create for yourself or your loved one. I will also provide some of the Marriage Biodata Format to download and you can edit it as per your choice.

How to Write Marriage Biodata Format

You have to write Marriage Biodata in a proper way to avoid any conflict, and you don’t have to write short or more and more, you have to write the full required information so the reader can understand better about the groom or the bride’s details, and you have to write some supportive information regarding the parent’s details in this marriage biodata format. Now I will explain the steps below on how you can write the marriage biodata format and after that, you can download any of the formats given below to download the Marriage Biodata Format.

Step 1- Choose or Design Marriage Biodata Format

You have to choose any of the or create the design for the marriage biodata format according to your choice, here you can download the marriage biodata format from the below-given link and start writing the next step.

Step 2- Write Full Name

At first, you have to write the groom or bride’s name in the first appearance of the marriage biodata, don’t forget to write the full name (Never write nickname).

Step 3 – Write Height in feet

After that, you have to write the Bride or groom’s height in feet, don’t write in cm. as this is difficult to assume and required conversion, in feet anyone can have an idea about the feet’ height and can assume easily the height of the person.

Step 4 – Mention the Complexity

Write the complexion of the groom or bride like Very Fair, Fair, Whiteish, etc. for making the reader understand the color of the person to match accordingly to their choice.

Step 5 – Write the Highest Qualification

Mention the highest qualification which is achieved by the groom or bride, and write the specific education so everyone can understand, like B.Tech (Electrical).

Step 6 – Mention the Age

Writing the age of the Biodata is a good ethic to make the reader understand, it’s better to write the exact age rather than writing the Date of Birth, so no one has to calculate the years of now.

Step 7 – Family Information & Background

After mentioning the Groom or Bride’s details, you have to give details about the family information and details in the Marriage Biodata format to make the sound details about the family and his/her family members. Write the below-mentioned details:-

Grandfather’s Name

Father’s Name and Occupation

Mother’s Name and occupation (if any)

Brother’s Name, Number of brothers and their occupation and marital status

Sister’s Name, Number of sisters, and marital status

Step 8 – Present and Permanent Address

After providing the above detail, you have to write the full present address at the time where the groom or bride is currently living, if the present address is different from the permanent address then both addresses should be mentioned in the marriage biodata.

Step 9 – Contact Number

As usual, these are very important details to provide the correct contact number like Mobile Number or Landline number to contact in case of the profile is matched for the marriage and they want to talk further about this proposal. provide the guardian contact number to whom they can talk directly, Never provide Groom’s or bride’s mobile number in the marriage biodata format.

Marriage Biodata Format – Free Download

Now as mentioned above that I will provide you with the best marriage biodata format free download in MS Word file here for your usage and you can edit this format as you read the above-mentioned detail. Below is the button for the format of the marriage biodata which you have to click and download the different designs of marriage proposal biodata.

1. Muslim Boy/Girl Marriage Biodata

marriage biodata format


2. Hindu Girl/Boy Marriage Biodata


3. Modern Marriage Biodata Format

Modern Marriage Biodata Format


4. Hindu Girl Marriage Biodata with Pic

Hindu Girl Marriage Biodata with Pic


5. Professional Marriage Biodata Format

marriage biodata format


Friends, these are the very best of the Marriage Biodata Format. We sincerely hope that this article will be of very useful to you.

If you enjoyed this article, please share it with your friends. If You have any Issues regarding this article or downloading issue, then Contact us or leave a comment.


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