Top 5 CV Format Word Download – Free

Resume/CV Format Word Download:- People keep asking and searching if I have options related to writing and editing and formats to download the resume.  There are many types of Resumes/CV are available as per your job requirements but Here are the different types of resume formats available to download from the below-given link. The different types of resumes can be divided into the following groups: –

Types of Resumes/CV

  1. Targeted Resume
  2. Short Resume
  3. Profile Based Resume
  4. LinkedIn Type Resume
  5. Social Resume
  6. Video Resume

CV Format Word Download

1. Targeted Resume/CV Format Word Download

This type of Resume/CV Format Word Download is target oriented and you have to write the below-mentioned details: –

  • Emphasize experience and skills relevant to the position for which you are applying.
  • It takes more effort, effort and time to write
  • Be very specific.
  • Recommended for industry professionals
  • The format is preferred by decision-makers or business owners when requested.


2. Short Resume/CV

This type of resume is short summary of your qualifications and skills and most of the below-mentioned details should be written: –

  • Contains a summary of your qualifications.
  • Use for network purposes
  • It is recommended to use it for educational purposes
  • It is mainly used for networking purposes.


3. Profile Based Resume/CV

This type of resume is used for targeting the most details about your profile, such as legal purposes and marriage biodata, below mentioned details should be written as: –

  • Include a brief description of the candidate’s skills, experience, and goals related to the specific position.
  • These resumes are very detailed and long.
  • It is primarily used and requested by law or for legal purposes, such as immigration.


4. LinkedIn Type Resume/CV

This type of resume is also a quick type resume to find a job, you can fetch your detail from your LinkedIn profile: –

  • Using your LinkedIn profile as your resume is quick and easy because LinkedIn does all the work for you.
  • Fill out your LinkedIn profile as fully as possible, and you’ll have an online resume that you can download as a PDF, print, and email.
  • One of the biggest benefits of using LinkedIn is that its visibility is geared primarily toward the business/enterprise community.


5. Social Resume/CV

As the name appears, this type of resume/cv is for a social media appearance, and the following details are required to mention: –

  • The social summary contains links to social network pages.
  • A social resume gives a more comprehensive view of the applicant and demonstrates his proficiency in social networks.
  • You can link to your website from your Google+, LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter pages and other social media accounts for potential employers to see.
  • You can also include a URL on your paper resume.
  • Digital submission of this resume is recommended.


6. Video Clip Resume/CV

This type of Video Resume is created by professionals to explain their profile, qualification, and experience visually: –

  • A video resume is a short video created by applicants to highlight their skills and experience.
  • This resume format tests the candidate’s creative and communicative side.
  • Some video resumes also include animated infographics and music. Because video resumes are usually very short (between 1 and 5 minutes), they are almost always complemented by traditional resumes.

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Best CV Writing Steps

When thinking about a job search, the first important factor that comes to mind is the “resume”, also known as the “C.V.” It reflects your education, skills, and professional experience for potential employers and can be viewed in just 10 seconds.

No matter how high your qualifications or great professional experience are. A poorly presented or poorly written resume minimizes your chances of getting selected for the job you want.

This consistency in your resume content will definitely help make your resume look attractive and well-organized.

Below are the details you need to write while creating the best Resume or CV: –

  • Contact information
  • Introductory speech,
  •  Key skill points,
  •  Skill list,
  •  Career Overview,
  •  Educational qualifications,
  •  Volunteer work/Previous Employment
  •  Reference

The above-written points must need to be included in your resume, Prioritizing the most useful and relevant information is critical to your resume. For example, assuming your educational background is unrelated to the job you are applying for, place this section at the end of your resume after information related to your job.

You also have to write your job-related career objective according to your profession, suppose you make a Safety officer resume, then you have to write your career objective related to Safety.

Some of the Resume Formats in Word are given below to download for free, you can click on the below-given link and download the format and customize and edit as per your choice.

Top 5 CV Format Word Download

So, you have already understood, how to write a CV and Its Types.  Now You Can Browse the Top 5 CV Format Word Download for Free:-

1. Simple Resume / CV Template


CV Format Word Download



2. CV For Abroad / Gulf


CV Format Word Download



3. CV For IT (Software Engineer / Developer)


CV Format Word Download



4. Professional CV Template


CV Format Word Download



5. All in One CV Format


CV Format Word Download



In this valuable article, you already know that how many types of CV/Resumes are available, and Steps to write CV in a good format and Top 5 CV Format Word Download for Free, If you think this article helps then comment us your valuable input.


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